Create and manage your own children symphony orchestra

OrchesHub allows you to create and manage your custom children symphony orchestra or ensemble, implementing a novel and friendly music management and teaching model, supported by a tailor-made software

Why OrchesHub?


From day one, you -as the creator and manager- will have the support of OH staff to ensure an excellent operability, as well as a successful music result.

New teaching model

Program structured in stages, with contents designed to encourage the music teaching-learning process in and out of the classroom as a continuous experience.


All the data in one place: students, teachers, attendance, classes and courses, grades, schedules, academic programs, events, venues, and everything you need to know about your Hub.

Designed for you

Create, from scratch and without any expertise, children orchestras or ensembles that will build up an outstanding artistic achievement.

Modular nature: select the type of group you wish to form (orchestra or ensemble), and which one you can create according to your possibilities.

Save time and money: develop your children orchestra or ensemble based on the knowledge, academic and organizational techniques validated by specialized teachers and staff.

Continuosly grow and improve: you can obtain, anytime, specific reports that will inform you about your Hub's operation and the student achievement.

Especially adapted academic content that improves and simplifies the music teaching-learning process, as well as developing and reinforcing values, principles and cultural awareness among students.

The customized academic calendar allows yo to manage and program all the necessary requirements to schedule the performances.

Permanent advice and support by having a team of experts with extensive experience in the area who will be at your disposal whenever you need it.

OrchesHub is a musical teaching-learning program that changes the way children orchestras are created and managed.

Together, like a great orchestra.

Together, like a great orchestra.

How does it work?

Design and start Manage Concert

Design and start

Plan your Hub according to your needs and possibilities, depending on the demand of students and available resources.

  • Train your Teachers.
  • Content and musical pieces adaptation.
  • Optimize the purchase of musical instruments and accessories for your students.
  • Configure and manage class spaces.
  • Support at every activities steps.


Classes, assistances, grades, schedules, certificates, teaching contents and events.

Get useful reports in real time of the operation of your children's orchestra.



Share and enjoy the emotion and joy of music.


A program designed to be implemented to the extent.

Optimize your processes and achieve a high artistic performance in your school and children's orchestra.


Generates a positive impact on your organization and communities of interest.


Incorporate orchestral practice into your school and encourage artistic appreciation.


Promotes human and social development through access to the learning and practice of music. 

About us

We are passionate about music and technology, committed and obsessed with making it possible for more and more children and young people to learn and enjoy music, generating innovative solutions that add more and more to our purpose.

An executive and visionary operating staff that plans, guides and motivates the direction and tasks of our collaborators.

Technology enthusiasts, experts in the creation of useful, robust and intuitive digital experiences and products.

Musicians with more than 20 years of experience in the execution and teaching-learning of the orchestral practice.

A community of Partners committed to our mission that bring our solutions to our customers and help us improve them day by day.

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